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Surviving End of World Movies
21 Rules of End of the World Movie Survival
1.) You're F'ed, why are you spending all your time on trying to stop it from happening? Grab your friends or loved ones, spend some quality time with them, and eat all you want cause you're gonna die anyways!
2.) Why is it so hard to believe that a giant meteor / tornado / earthquake / hurricane / or what ever other kind of natural disaster you can think of in existence, can rub out humanity if it was really big enough? Come on government like peoples. Get your act together and shove people in underground bunkers!
3.) Trying to save everyone in the world by 'letting them know the truth' gets you know where. Stop saving the many, it just makes you look crazy like that weird guy on that box in time square with the cardboard sign. Let the others go and save your friends and family. If you gotta repopulate the earth again, might as well make it full of people you can tolerate.
4.) Self sacrificing yourself in some lame attempt to save som
:iconstrifefox:Strifefox 1 0
Bird of Paradise by Strifefox Bird of Paradise :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 0 2 Eye of the Beholder by Strifefox Eye of the Beholder :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 1 0 Blue Bottle Cap by Strifefox Blue Bottle Cap :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 0 2 Harley dog by Strifefox Harley dog :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 1 6
Surviving Sci-Fi Movies
                         21 Rules of  Science Fiction Movie Survival
1.) Never make out with the alien, it will only lay eggs in your belly
2.) When being chased by the alien, do not hide in the command center, there is to many ways in and its dangerous
3.) The hot, intelegent guy will always sacrifce himself for the greater cause, we suggest, sending the ugly guy in. This tactic never works anyways
4.)Never bring with you in the escape pod items from the orginal site of attack. The alien has already implated something in it
5.) Do not get with in touching distance of the odd pod, mist, or slime. It's just asking for it
6.) Please, don't give Gizmo a bath
7.)If there is one survivor of said alien attack and he was bitten, clawed or in some other maner volilated, kill him and don't ask questions. He's just gonna do something terrible
8.) If low on
:iconstrifefox:Strifefox 1 6
Tree Cat by Strifefox Tree Cat :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 0 5
Surviving Horror Movies
                                 21 Rules of Horror Movie Survival
1.) Do not get out of the car to check if the killer/monster/zombie is dead. They will ALWAYS be faking.
2.) Never run upstairs or down stairs to escape the antagonist; the cellar door is always chained shut and there is to many places to die  upstairs.
3.) Check to make sure the gun has bullets it in
4.) If the car will not start, use the door to knock over the antagonist as to provide you more time to actually start the car; remember to lock your doors.
5.) Under no circumstances take your bitchy, rebellious, or trouble starting friend on any trip cross country or to other countries. They will always get you deeper in then you wanted.
6.) No matter how sexy the guy/girl is trying to convince you to go to that party, Do not leave your frien
:iconstrifefox:Strifefox 14 10
Mature content
Past Strife :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 1 5
Emily Crow by Strifefox Emily Crow :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 0 3 Fairy in the garden by Strifefox Fairy in the garden :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 0 0 Garden Lily by Strifefox Garden Lily :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 0 0 Fire Flower by Strifefox Fire Flower :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 1 1 Pure by Strifefox Pure :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 2 5 CoV Ding to level 50 by Strifefox CoV Ding to level 50 :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 0 1 Rainbow Hair by Strifefox Rainbow Hair :iconstrifefox:Strifefox 1 4


Dracadia Hydrakir Template by HybridGeist Dracadia Hydrakir Template :iconhybridgeist:HybridGeist 5 0 Pokemon Gen 7 by Mewitti Pokemon Gen 7 :iconmewitti:Mewitti 2,929 134 STLD - Mating Flight by KiraMizuno
Mature content
STLD - Mating Flight :iconkiramizuno:KiraMizuno 93 26
Stimmspuren by Culpeo-Fox Stimmspuren :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 859 23 Angry Dragon by digitalreplicant Angry Dragon :icondigitalreplicant:digitalreplicant 4 2 Becoming Beyond Birthday by digitalreplicant Becoming Beyond Birthday :icondigitalreplicant:digitalreplicant 18 3 fia_17 by sandrinija fia_17 :iconsandrinija:sandrinija 16 2 British corp Dragons by SeaSuds British corp Dragons :iconseasuds:SeaSuds 314 67 Snow woman by 0BO Snow woman :icon0bo:0BO 815 44 The Impression by aaronsimscompany The Impression :iconaaronsimscompany:aaronsimscompany 978 88 ohsohot by MsBizarre
Mature content
ohsohot :iconmsbizarre:MsBizarre 8,520 1,591
Golds are awfull to wash by Pouek Golds are awfull to wash :iconpouek:Pouek 21 16 Water fairy by alexiuss
Mature content
Water fairy :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 26,243 1,863
here is the real powa by manolo-kun here is the real powa :iconmanolo-kun:manolo-kun 9 10 Ruthia Dascht by digitalreplicant Ruthia Dascht :icondigitalreplicant:digitalreplicant 4 3



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